WMF 9000s+ Commercial Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

WMF 9000s+ Commercial Bean to Cup Coffee Machine From Absolute Drinks
WMF 9000s+ Commercial Bean to Cup Coffee Machine
WMF 9000s+ Commercial Bean to Cup Coffee Machine
WMF 9000s+ Commercial Bean to Cup Coffee Machine
WMF 9000s+ Commercial Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

The WMF 9000+ offers the same innovative operating system and aesthetics as the 5000 paired with an eye-catching, contemporary angular design and ease of use which has made this coffee maker one of the most attractive coffee machines on the market today.

Its operating system is set up for ease of use in a self-service capacity or by service personnel. This attribute makes the coffee machine perfect for use in a range of different environments. From hotels to petrol station bakeries, cafes and various professional environments, the WMF 9000+ pours everything from delicious coffees, teas and chocolate drinks.

Durable and with an excellent HAACP-compliant milk cleaning system, this coffee machine is both robust and ideally suited for everyday use. Its electronically adjustable high-performance grinders and heavy-duty brewer equip the WMF 9000+ with the technology that businesses can depend on.

To learn more, check out full specifications, payment options and information below.  

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Ideal For

  • Bar
  • College
  • Office or Workspace
  • Restaurant
  • School
  • Sports Club
  • Bar
  • Cafe
  • Coffee Shop
  • Hotel
  • Play Centre
  • Tea Room
Height (mm) Width (mm) Depth (mm) Weight (kg) Cups per Day Milk Type Water Connection
744 390 598 67 350 Fresh Mains

We are please to offer a range of payment options to suit individual business needs.

Business Leasing:

We work with a number of leasing partners that will allow you to spread the cost of your machine over a 3-5 years on a lease contract.

Outright Sale:

You can make a one off payment for the total costs of your machine with the option to purchase additional service plans. 

Flexible Payment Options for Coffee Machines

If you would like to discuss the payment options available to you, please call us on 01942 607 634 or email sales@absolutedrinks.net

  • Beverage Settings - WMF and its Coffee Machine Business unit adapt to the needs of various types of user. Whether it’s an espresso, café crème or cappuccino, any kind of product can be prepared at exactly the right brewing temperature.
  • Dynamic Milk - Dynamic Milk is a patented milk system that makes it possible to create four different consistencies for hot milk foam and three variations for cold milk foam as well as hot and cold milk.
  • SteamJet - The patented SteamJet system from WMF can bring any cup to the perfect temperature in no time. For the ultimate in coffee quality.
  • Hot Water Control - Three preset hot water temperatures for various tea varieties and even better precision for the dispensing temperature allow you to create the perfect cup of tea.
  • Operating Concept - The customisable user interface offers a new level of freedom when configuring the layout and special functions. Suitable for all types of user.
  • WMF CoffeeConnect - The smart business solution that integrates the WMF 9000 S+ into the WMF CoffeeConnect digital platform opens up a variety of options for making your business even more efficient and profitable.
  • Peak Performance - Achieve top performance reliably with our innovative and high-powered grinders, a high-performance pump and a robust, heavy-duty brewer.
  • Advertising Options - Boost your turnover before your very eyes. Display promotional animations or special offers on the 10-inch display in self-service mode.
  • Dynamic Milk 2-Milk - Allows you to use two types of milk, including normal, low-fat, soya or lactose-free.
  • Choc Mixer -The new Choc mixer for making chocolate milk or chociatto guarantees easy, intuitive and safe usage, less need for maintenance and a long service life.