About Us

Here at Absolute Drinks, you, the customer is at the heart of everything we do.

From our initial conversations with a potential customer through to the installation of their equipment and beyond, we like to offer each business a personalised service.

We tailor bespoke packages for each customers requirements, ranging from a convenience store owner looking to offer their customers an instant hot beverage solution when they pass by, through to the hotel manager looking for a premium espresso machine to provide an exquisite coffee for their clients.

We conduct a needs analysis for every customer to find the absolute best-fit for your business.

Commercial Coffee Machines

At the heart of Absolute Drinks is our Absolute Coffee Collection. With a wealth of experience and knowledge within the commercial coffee machine industry, our team are best placed to find the ideal-fit within any business setting.

The Absolute Coffee machine portfolio includes a great choice of instant coffee machines; low, medium and high volume bean-to-cup machines and espresso machines.

Our coffee machine portfolio has been carefully constructed to ensure that we can provide customers from a wide spectrum of industries with a solution that perfectly fits their requirements. We consider consumption, marketplace, setting, location and requirements before recommending a solution for your business.

Commercial Water Machines

In a world where we are all encouraged to drink more water, installing a commercial water machine within your workplace or business can be a popular choice.

By keeping your workforce hydrated you are offering then the opportunity to improve their health and wellbeing. Some of the benefits to your workforce include: increased energy, helps with weight loss, cures aches and pains, improves kidney health and digestion and helps with healthier skin.

Absolute Drinks can offer a plumbed in water machine solution that provides users with a constant supply of fresh, cool water.

Commercial Slush & Ice Cream Machines

The latest additions to the Absolute range are our commercial slush drinks machines and soft serve ice cream machines. Both of which have proven to be extremely popular with our customers, and their customers alike.
The easy to use, Absolute Slush Collection includes single, double and triple bowl options. All can be installed as counter-top machines or with a bespoke machine station. With a variety of syrups available, including the popular blue raspberry and strawberry flavours business owners will see a rapid return on investment when installing an Absolute Slush machine.

The Absolute Freeze Ice Cream machine is designed to sit on top of your counter and provides up to 90 servings per hour. Whether you are looking to serve up ice cream cones, make delicious thick milkshakes or add ice cream as a side to a dessert, the Absolute Freeze Ice Cream machine will hit the mark.

Ingredients & Consumables

We have an excellent selection of ingredients and consumables available for customers to purchase to accompany our machines.

As specialists in coffee we have selected the best products available for our customers to choose from for their machines. Additionally, we offer a hot chocolate product, which offers the right balance of chocolate to milk to produce a delicious chocolate drink suitable for the most discerning chocoholic.

Our hot drinks product range also includes flavoured syrups to add to your coffee and chocolate products which enable you to compete with the variety of flavours and options available within high street coffee chains. Also available are a full selection of cups, lids, drinks stirrers, sugar sticks and milk options.
Further to our hot drinks ingredients, we are proud to be able to offer 20+ flavours of slush syrups, ice cream mix and a selection of consumable items, including cups, domed lids and straws.