Primo Instant Coffee Machine

The NEW Primo Mini and Midi are the latest additions to our table top range. These compact, high speed instant machines with multiple drink options and adjustable strengths are the perfect hot beverage machines for hotels, showrooms and office locations. The durable, stainless steel design and high qualitycomponents compliment the high quality of the drinks. If you want a convenient frothy coffee or intense flavoursome espresso – then the Primo Instant Range is for you!

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Additional information


Black, White


Krono offers a fast delivery speed together with the already well-established Necta technology. Its
patented compact mixers produce excellent drinks, mixed well to give the perfect crème. For Krono,
productivity is also a strong point: the machine produces a 9oz quality white coffee or chocolate drink
in around 14 seconds! Krono is ideal for offices, meeting rooms, bars/hotels, professional studios; in
fact it can be used in a wide variety of environments.


Product Overview

  • Stylish and compact design fits conveniently in any hotel,
  • office or showroom
  • Up to 7 easy-to-use drink options on the Primo Mini and
  • Up to 12 on the Primo Midi
  • Easy-to-fill ingredient canisters for self operation
  • Adjustable temperature and mixer motor rpm for fine tuning drink production and presentation
  • Separate delivery outlet for hot water – pure and simple
  • Durable, stainless steel construction
  • Automatic and easy-to-operate cleansing programmes
  • Primo Instant Range can be cleaned without opening the machine – easy and hygenic!
  • Energy saving mode minimises power consumption when on standby – a key feature for all environmentally conscious businesses
  • Create a pay vend solution with the optional slim line payment optio

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