Why A Coffee Machine At A Petrol Station Is A Must-Have

No matter where you’re driving, you can guarantee you’ll see lots of petrol stations! They are a vital part of our lives, thanks to our cars needing to be filled up constantly. And another thing that is in high demand is coffee, making a coffee machine in a petrol station the perfect combination! If you own or run a petrol station, read on to see why you need to add a coffee machine to your business...

Introduce a new product and you’ll always create excitement amongst existing and potential customers. Even more so if that product is already popular, making you a new supplier which could potentially drive more customers who don’t want to miss out, to you. People drink coffee daily and it’s widely popular amongst all age groups, no matter where you’re from or what you do. Many people rely on it to help kick-start their day, which means your coffee machine will help you to build a regular and loyal customer base of these coffee addicts who need it every day. This ensures regular, consistent and reliable income, so any extras are a bonus!

Filling up your car is never anyone’s favourite job, especially during the Autumn and Winter months as people must stand in the cold watching their cars drain their money as fuel is pumped in. One thing that could make this activity enjoyable is knowing there is a coffee machine inside that will warm them up. This could entice customers inside rather than using the ‘pay at pump’ method, so they can warm themselves up. Once they’re inside, it may remind them of more things they need to buy, which is a positive for you, because not only are you making money from the fuel, but this new product is getting extra sales too!

People always seem to be in a rush when visiting petrol stations, whether it’s because they are on the way to work, on their lunch break, wanting to miss bad traffic or simply because they are impatient. Coffee machines are always easy and super quick to use - one push of a button produces high quality, flavoursome hot drink. It is an ideal option for customers who are on the go as they can get their caffeine fix no matter how fast they need to be.

There is the option to offer hot beverages as part of a meal deal. This means people popping in on their lunch break can grab a hot drink with their meal to warm them up. This could also appeal to people who were going in just for a coffee and get encouraged to buy food or snacks to go with it because of the offer! Long-distance lorry drivers are also a big customer for petrol stations when they need to stop for a rest, refreshment and a stretch, and a coffee machine is definitely going to appeal to them!

Here at Absolute Drinks, we have a wide variety of coffee machines with many features that can be added to cater to any business needs. For example, a coin mechanism is a popular addition as it provides a quick payment method, so customers need not queue up at the till. All of our machines that can offer this can come without this too, which is helpful for when you’d like your customers to pay at the till.

Here are some examples of coffee to go solutions we can install for you.

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