Why A Coffee Machine At A Petrol Station Is A Must-Have

No matter the length of the journey, petrol stations are in abundance due to the demand of fuel across the country. 

Another thing that is in high demand; coffee.

If you own or run a petrol station, read on for our 4 reasons why you need to add a coffee machine to your business! 


Create Excitement and Attract New Customers

Introducing a new product or product range is a great way to create excitement among your existing customers, as well as attracting a wider target audience of people who already love it. 

As coffee is one of the most popular drinks across the country - 95 millions cups are drank a day in the UK, according to 2019 research - by making it readily available in your petrol station you are driving new customers to you.

Many people rely on it to help kick-start their day, which means your coffee machine will help you to build a regular and loyal customer base.


 Encourage People Inside and Upsell

The "pay at pump" system is a popular way for customers to pay for their fuel as it's quick and convenient. However this can cut out the extra opportunity to generate additional profit from other products inside. Especially during the colder months, promoting a coffee machine in your petrol station could encourage people to come inside to warm up.

Not only will you be selling fuel and coffee, but this is an ideal opportunity for up-selling too. Once customers come inside they're bound to see other products they want or need earning you extra profits.


Offer Coffee To Go For People On The Go

A trip to a petrol station is often during a journey and people more than likely in a rush. An automatic coffee machine is quick and convenient, which helps reduce queues massively. Users just press a button and a delicious hot drink is made within a minute! 

You can add on a payment system to an automatic coffee machine to prevent queues at the till for a coffee. 'Coffee to go' is ideal for customers who are on the go as they can get their caffeine fix even if they are in a hurry.

A coffee tower in a petrol station creates an all-in-one space for customers to use with storage and waste collection.


Expand Into Meal Deals

A popular lunch choice is meal deals as there is normally a huge variety of things to choose from. They often include a main, side and drink for a fraction of the price. Even if you don't offer meal deals at your petrol station now, this is your chance. Why not introduce hot drinks into meal deals? 

This is a great way to attract people at lunch-time who want a quick and easy meal deal with an excellent hot drink too. People popping in just for a coffee will find it hard to resist a meal deal leading to more sales.


Coffee Solutions at Absolute Drinks

At Absolute Drinks, we offer a range of coffee machine all with different specifications so we can cater to all of your needs. As well as a range of coffee machines to suit, we tailor packages so you get the most out of your petrol station coffee machine as possible.

Packages include:

  • Coffee machine and any additional accessories
  • Starter package of ingredients, stock and point of sale promotional material
  • Service agreement

In order to find the best suited coffee machine for your petrol station, we go through a checklist to find your business requirements. Here are the questions you need to answer to help us do just this:

  • Instant or bean to cup coffee?
  • Soluble or fresh milk?
  • Mains connection or handfill water tank?
  • Free vend or payment system?
  • Number of cups a day?
  • How much space do you have?


Best Coffee Machine For A Petrol Station

Here are the best coffee machines for petrol station at Absolute Drinks:

Tino Instant coffee machine from Absolute Drinks
Tino Instant Coffee Machine (find out more here)
Italia Touch bean to cup coffee machine from Absolute Drinks
Italia Touch Bean to Cup Coffee Machine (find out more here)
MX bean to cup coffee machine from Absolute Drinks
MX Bean to Cup Coffee Machine (find out more here)


Coffee Stations For A Petrol Station

Whatever coffee machine you choose for your petrol station, there are ways to customise it to suit your business needs. One way of doing this is with a full coffee station. You can choose from a coffee tower, base unit or cabinet for an all-in-one coffee solution.

Coffee stations provide extra storage for stock and waste collection all in one place.

Here are a few of the coffee station options:

Italia bean to cup coffee machine in Absolute Drinks coffee tower Tino instant coffee machine on Absolute Drinks coffee base


Get in touch to upgrade your coffee solution at your petrol station. Call on us 01942 607 634 to speak to one of our knowledgeable reps, or fill in the contact form here and our reps will get in touch with you. 

We offer free demos at our showroom or we can come and visit you, and you can book one here.