Bringing Colleagues and Customers together with a Coffee!

Have you ever wondered of ways to liven your business’ atmosphere? Perhaps you're seeking methods improve communication and wellbeing among your colleagues. Or maybe you're considering ways to enhance the welcoming atmosphere for customers when they enter your establishment.

Read the following reasons as to why your business should invest in a coffee machine:

Office Talks!

Working in an office can vary greatly depending on the company culture, the nature of the work, and individual preferences. Generally, it involves spending a significant portion of the day in a structured environment where you’re sat at a desk or in the executive suites!

The Coffee Machine and drinks that are drank enable you to improve the office experience in many ways, like the following:

Enhance Productivity and Increases Energy Levels

It’s scientifically proven that caffeine is absorbed into the bloodstream quickly. This blocks the sleep receptors and keeps us alert. Also, caffeine helps to increase focus and productivity. This would be a major advantage for any office environment.

It Saves Plenty of Time!

Quick Break? Not much time during or before work? It takes an average of 8 seconds for our machines to make your cup of coffee. Working in a shared office with a Coffee machine would encourage people to communicate and enjoy each other’s company.

Less stress! More go get!

Did you know that caffeine releases dopamine is responsible for feelings of pleasure, satisfaction, and motivation. This brings a positive effect towards the colleague’s well-being, and it can release stress and reduce anxiety. Studies have shown, taking short coffee breaks can improve employee morale and increase efficiency.

Encourages Breaks

If you’re a work-acholic like myself then you forget to take a moment away from your desk!
Having a Coffee Machine allows you to take that minute to step away from your desk and make the essential drink. Always make time to step back especially during big office tasks and a chance to use a new office facility!

Boost Office Morale

As we know and have discussed, coffee has an amazing effect on people’s moods, endurance, and alertness. It can improve the working atmosphere and encourage a pleasing environment. This overall contributes to the colleague’s well-being. Simple perks such as good coffee can lift the spirits of any office environment.

Enhances Creativity

Coffee can become a powerful tool when it comes to enhance creativity within your workplace. As a stimulant, coffee can help focus. This provides a perfect environment for creative work.

Lastly, if you have a Creative Business or Department this can enhance their creative ideas and innovate new ideas. It makes your team feel more alert and more engaged to think outside the box.

Canteen Cheer

Dining in an canteen can offer a unique experience which is convenient, allows social interaction and encourages nourishment for the students. Not to mention enhancing the educational experience.
Overall, dining in an educational canteen offers not just sustenance but also a social and communal experience that enhances the overall educational environment.
Why not add the perfect College Dining Facility, serving students with the perfect hot beverage? Self-serve or countertop machines to suit your serving setup.

Are Coffee Machines Profitable?

On an average in higher education (colleges and universities) have around 8000 students. When you purchase a Drink Machine with us you get up to 1000 drinks. If you sell each drink for £1 - £2 then that’s £1000 - £2000 Profit before you pay for any ingredients.

Increased Safety and Convenience

A coffee machine on-site at a college or university provides convenience while preventing any safe guarding issues be keep students within the educational Grounds.

Student and Staff will not only save time by staying on the premises, but they will also be making you a profit with purchasing a drink from your Coffee Machine.

First Impression is Important

Creating the first impression instantly is about what they are offered as soon as they walk through the door. Reception Area? Perfect! You can have a self-serve Coffee Machine situated there to serve your visitors and warm welcome coffee. This will also work for Educational Events like opening days, although its typical to offer a coffee and a Biscuit but this is the type of thing people will remember.

Be Environmentally Friendly

It’s hard to believe that having a Coffee Machine will save you so much money on electricity and water compared to other ways of saving hot drinks. For example, a Hot Water Urn will use 3 times as much electricity as a Coffee Machine.

Provide Healthier Option for Students

Its common knowledge that younger adults shouldn’t be having too much caffeine. Offering them too much caffeine and coffee could sound like a bad idea. However, you could have a decaf ONLY option in Student Canteens to moderate their caffeine intake.

Warm Welcome

Owning your own Convenience Store mean having reliable repeating customer and products.
Having a Coffee Machine encourages people to come into the shop and purchase a coffee to experience your new products.

Offer a New Range of Products

All our Coffee Machines at Absolute Drinks serve a range of different hot beverages, so as well as offering cold chilled drinks in the fridge you can now offer hot drinks straight from a Coffee Machine.

Provide a Coffee-To-Go Service

Coffee-to-go is perfect for customers who are in a dash to get a hot beverage whilst on their travels. Serving the perfect coffee with our Coffee-to-go Towers, customers can go straight to the machine and serve themselves. You can also have a payment system integrated into the machine so they can pay for the drink at the machine.

Earn an additional profit

Even if you sell your drinks at a very low price, when buying your Coffee Machine, you will receive your free drinks with it which is usually between 1000 to 2000 drinks. So, if you sell at £2 per drinks that will pay for the machine itself. Any drinks after this will be a profit to the business.

Increase returning customers and daily footfall

Offering this type of reliable service will always bring returning customers through the door again and again. The ‘New Product’ will increase your footfall as the word gets round the community to taste your delicious coffee. The product will then prove how good it is to bring your new customers back to be returning customers.

Little training needed and low maintenance

Our coffee machines are so user-friendly you can so make them a self-service machine is exactly what customers can do.

Luxury Sipping

Salon owner? Are you wanting to make your Clients Appointment more like an experience when they walk into your salon.

Save Time and Provide Convenience

Saving valuable time and it ensures that your clients are relaxed prior to their treatment. All you need to do is press a button for the clients chosen drink and pass it over.


Having a coffee machine give prospect to customers confidence in your service by showing them that you’re serious and competent.

British Weather? Cosy Coffee!

Whether its Spectators at a Stadium or parents watching their children at a sports centre there’s always going to be someone who wants a hot beverage.

The Parents and Spectators

There is nothing quite as comforting as a hot beverage whilst you’re watching a game of sports outside. Our Coffee-to-go Towers are perfect for this type of situated space, they allow spectators to use the machine themselves and grab a nice warm coffee.

Improves Athletes Endurance

On the other side of the playing field, you have the athletes that when they have a coffee it makes them feel more energised by feeling awake and alert.