Designed to dazzle and capture attention, the Diamond is noted for its beautiful design, consistency ensuring PID technology, and exquisite espressos.

With the latest technological advances within the coffee machine sector combining with renowned innovation, the Diamond is crafted to perfection. The result of this work is a premium coffee machine that naturally attracts attention towards its subtle aesthetics and its exquisite espresso based beverages.


Available in 2 Group, 2 Group Multi Boiler, 3 Group, 3 Group Multi Boiler – Call for information.

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Additional information

Weight 80 kg
Dimensions 620 x 880 x 600 cm


  • Features

    • PID Sensor System – Brewing temperatures are constantly monitored to eradicate deviation, ensuring a consistent process from start to finish.
    • Pre-infusion chamber – Pre-infuse water and coffee for a smoother extraction and a better espresso.
    • Created to capture attention – Designed by hand-picked Expobar employees, the Diamond captures the attention of baristas and customers alike with its evident qualities.
    • Digital display – Easy to read and operate LCD display shows valuable data such as water and temperature levels, and a shot timer.
    • Aluminium finish with stainless steel detail
    • High quality copper boiler with group heat exchangers
    • Advertising display
    • Three insulated steam arms – one of which is equipped with an electronic temperature sensor (excluding the Base model). Standard steam arms are lever operated for added milk foaming control.
    • Boiler drain tap
    • Built in volumetric pump
    • Advertising display
    • Multi-boilers – separate boilers for each group to further ensure brewing consistency


    It is the diamond amongst the rough that you have been searching for. The precision that the machine is famed for is achieved through a variety of different measures.

    From the implementation of PID technology through the presence of a temperature sensor in a steam arm, the Diamond allows for a greater level of quality control and accuracy, two things which are vital in the production of an espresso. The end result reveals the unique and underlying characteristics of the beans you’ve used, creating the perfect foundation for your speciality beverages.

    Skilfully created, it is capable of meeting any challenge and is suitable for any situation or scenario. Never waving, it always delivers. No wonder why it’s known as a diamond.

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