Armonia Plus

Armonia Soft Plus is defined by a 7 inch Touch Screen display, compatible with Android system and completely customizable depending on the user demands. Up to 30 drink selection can be loaded (max.10 per page), like coffee drinks, milk-based drinks, instant products and hot water. Users can upload movies, sounds or customised images per each single drink.

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Additional information

Weight 50 kg
Dimensions 560 x 580 x 330 cm

Black, White

Fresh Milk Option



The drink selections, background colours and images can be easily customized on the display; you can load screensavers and promotions to maximize the benefits associated with a great beverage offer. The integrated loudspeaker allows you to play music and promotions which is complemented by the clear step-by-step graphical instructions of how to set and operate the machine.

  • Milk Option Available
  • Custom Milk Fridge with Sensors
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