WMF 1100s Bean to Cup Commercial Coffee Machine

Product Description

The WMF 1100s is designed for 80 Cups per day which is an ideal entry mode. This Coffee Machine also has an Eco – Mode, which is an energy-saving mode which reduces steam temperature after 10 minutes of the last beverage that has been made. This is constructed as a professional brewer with high-quality polymer to guarantee long-life service and maximum reliability.

7-inch colour display to customize with drink selections of your choice and personalisation with your business’ logo.

With extendable bean hopper/topping holders, you can have two integrated bean hoppers and/or chocolate as well. The machine comes equipped with a hot water output that allows you to prepare tea and further your drink options.

This is equipped with a large internal water tank of 4.5L, you can also choose to fit a constant water supply as well, along with that you have a steamer system which is quick to steam milk, hot chocolate or even mulled wine.

Click and Clean Cleaning System – This automatically started when the machine is switched off, reducing the needing to clean to once every 7 days or 250 brewing cycles.

This is adapted with overflow protection, which is a sensor that detects when the drip tray is about to overflow.

The animated user manual, shows you step by step on how to work the machine.

Compact size.

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