Frozen Cocktail Slush Machines

Lease or buy frozen cocktail slush machines from absolute drinks

Here at Absolute Drinks, we have seen a huge increase in the installation of Slush Machines in bars and clubs across the North West of England, due to the ever increasing popularity of Frozen Cocktails. 

Our machines cater for both cocktails and normal slushies, making us the preferred supplier of Frozen cocktail slush machines.

Bars and clubs use our machines to create a selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic frozen cocktails by including a double measure of spirits in with the slush mixture.

This increase in demand from consumers has allowed us to expand our slush flavours to embrace this and we have recently introduced the following flavours to our range: cider, margarita, mojito, pina colada, skotch cola and strawberry daiquiri.

Whilst all of our slush syrups are non-alcoholic, the additional new flavours have proven to be popular within the on trade market as consumers look for the next big thing.

Further to the alcoholic flavours listed above we also sell an extensive selection of more traditional flavours, including: blackcurrant, blue bubblegum, blue raspberry, cherry, cherry cola, dandelion & burdock, energy, iron brew, lemon & lime, mango, mixed fruit, orange, passionfruit, pineapple, pink bubblegum, red cola, red raspberry, strawberry, tropical and watermelon.

A standard slush machine offers 77% POR when sold as a non-alcoholic children’s drink, but when a standard slush becomes a Frozen Cocktail returns are much higher, with many on trade establishments selling slush cocktails for between £6.00 - £8.00.

We offer one, two and three bowl slush machines at competitive prices and many businesses opt to fill each bowl with one of our most popular flavours. However, we also have the capability to provide you with a method for offering a much wider choice to your customers through our neutral slush solution, which can be mixed in one bowl and have the flavour of choice added retrospectively which is ideal when creating a full menu of slush cocktails for your customers. 

We can also provide additional POS packages for your business, which can be tailored to the target audience. We have child-friendly POS available to promote slush drinks to families and an alternative POS package available where the focus is on the sale of slush cocktails.

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To find out how your business can benefit from a Frozen Cocktail Slush Machine call us today on 01942 607 634