• Onyx

    Professional grade premium espresso machine that merges creative design with endless customisation possibilities. 2 group professional espresso machine. Incorporating 3 boiler design with large 11,5l steam boiler and 2 independent 1.5l group head coffee boilers. Featuring some of our most advanced systems to meet the needs of the most demanding barista. Intuitive LCD touch screen user interface makes all operations of the machine simple and easy to use. Full ECO software and machine design means that this model is not only great for top quality coffees, but also great for the environment.

  • Absolute Freeze Ice Cream Machine

    An Amazing commercial ice cream machine, capable of 90 servings per hour. Serve amazing ice cream or use one of out absolute blenders to make luxury thick shakes. With a huge return on investment.


    All our commercial ice cream machines are available to lease or buy. We even give you a starter pack to get you going! Give us a call today!

  • Primo Wholebean Soft Touch

    Small machines have never been as easy to operate and user friendly as the new Primo Touch.
    Scroll through the 7” touch screen to choose and customise your drink just the way you like it.
    All it takes is a swipe and a touch and you will have your perfect hot drink. The stylish Primo is perfect for hotels, offices and showrooms.
    The Primo Touch brings the tried and tested technology of the Primo range along with the new interactive screen to create the perfect barista-in-a-box experience.

  • HOT


    The most stylish, cost effective, space efficient, ‘Free Vend’ machine on the market. A chrome effect paint finish, chrome plated rails & the stainless steel grill held in a high gloss, piano black drip tray ensure that this iconic machine is at home in any environment.

  • Bravilor Bolero 423 Turbo

    Provided with 4 canisters for coffee, espresso, chocolate, espreschoc, cappuccino, coffee with milk, latte macchiato and hot water. For locations with water connection. Additionally, the machine has been equipped with digital control, plastic drip tray, double tap (to be used separately), automatic descale indicator and rinsing programme. Jug not included.

  • Pronto

    An eye catching, proffesional coffee machine  equipped with the Variflex brewing system, multiple energy-saving features and up to 10 programmable menu buttons. The Pronto also offers the facility for up to 2 pre-selections buttons for ‘extra strong’ or a ‘large cup’

  • Vitro Espresso – 2 Group

    An amazing automatic espresso coffee machine with 2 groups, electronic switchboard to control the coffee dosages volumetrically, with automatic water filling and copper boiler with 11,5 litres capacity with heat exchanger per group and cleaning valve. Two steam tap (stainless steel) and one hot water tap. Display: advertising, automatic dosing of hot water, time management, and memorization of total brewed coffees, daily automatic switch ON/OFF of the coffee machine, control of the boiler temperature through display.

  • HOT

    Primo Instant Coffee Machine

    The NEW Primo Mini and Midi are the latest additions to our table top range. These compact, high speed instant machines with multiple drink options and adjustable strengths are the perfect hot beverage machines for hotels, showrooms and office locations. The durable, stainless steel design and high qualitycomponents compliment the high quality of the drinks. If you want a convenient frothy coffee or intense flavoursome espresso – then the Primo Instant Range is for you!

  • HOT

    Krono Instant Coffee Machine

    Krono offers a fast delivery speed together with the already well-established Necta technology. Its
    patented compact mixers produce excellent drinks, mixed well to give the perfect crème. For Krono,
    productivity is also a strong point: the machine produces a 9oz quality white coffee or chocolate drink
    in around 14 seconds! Krono is ideal for offices, meeting rooms, bars/hotels, professional studios; in
    fact it can be used in a wide variety of environments.
    Krono comes with an inbuilt chip card reader that allows you to define the machine parameters
    and collect statistics, as well as manage your ingredient supply to the customer.

  • Vitro Espresso – 1 Group

    Compact automatic espresso coffee machine with 1 group in take away only version for taller cups, electronic switchboard to control the coffee dosages volumetrically, with automatic water filling and copper boiler with 6 litres capacity with heat exchanger per group and cleaning valve. One steam tap (stainless steel) and one hot water tap. Vitro fits in all types of environments, from small neighbourhood cafes to top-level restaurants.

  • Absolute Freeze – 2 Bowl

    Make super slushies in 30 minutes with Absolute Freeze, with it’s huge 2 x 12L capacity you’ll not be let down by this amazing machine. Perfect for slushies or frozen alcoholic drinks!

  • La Spaziale Mini Vivaldi

    This gem of a machine is perfect for small cafe’s, homes and fancy offices!


    • Electronic one group coffee machine
    • Proportioned dose setting
    • Electric heating
    • 2 Years Parts Warranty!