The full range

  • La Spaziale – S2EK

    • Available in 1,2 or 3 Group!
    • Electronic coffee machine with proportioned dose setting
    • Built-in pump
    • Electric heating system

    An absolutely amazing machine from absolute drinks, perfect for venues that want to serve high quality coffee, with majestic style!

  • La Spaziale – S5EK

    Every espresso has to be a perfect work of art. La Spaziale provides the instrument for its creation. When perfection embodies a personal style which identifies the author, we can share their brilliance. The excellence of an espresso involves a complete balance between contribution, use and control of the thermic and mechanical energies contained in each cup. This constant attention to the technological aspects is the priority of La Spaziale. La Spaziale places itself at the forefront of specialist who claim a perfect work of art – the espresso!