Jura GIGA X8 Gen II – Bean to Cup Commercial Coffee Machine

Jura GIGA X8 Gen II – Bean to Cup Commercial Coffee Machine
Jura GIGA X8 Gen II – Bean to Cup Commercial Coffee Machine
Jura GIGA X8 Gen II – Bean to Cup Commercial Coffee Machine

The impressive Jura Giga X8 Gen II is an example of how a commercial coffee machine can truly elevate any professional environment. The innovation demonstrated is indicative of its Swiss name and the professionalism and diligence by which the coffee machine dispenses drinks can’t help but be admired.

With a design that’s meticulously sculpted down to the very last detail, the Jura Giga does more the contribute to the aesthetic ambiance of the office – it sets the tone. Similar superior quality and reliability is also apparent, with this coffee machine able to pour as many as 200 hot drinks a day.

As the perfect coffee machine for a large office floor or SME building, the Jura Giga couples top notch performance with an easy-to-operate touchscreen that let’s users simply swipe through drinks menus with either their smartphone or tablet. Truly an innovative user-interface.   

To learn more, check out full specifications, payment options and information below.  


Buying Options

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Ideal For

  • Bar
  • Hair & Beauty Salon
  • Leisure Centre
  • Office or Workspace
  • Play Centre
  • Restaurant
  • School
  • Sports Club
  • Tea Room
  • Cafe
  • Coffee Shop
Height (mm) Width (mm) Depth (mm) Weight (kg) Cups per Day Milk Type Water Connection
565 370 497 22 200 Fresh Mains or Tank Fill

We are please to offer a range of payment options to suit individual business needs.

Business Leasing:

We work with a number of leasing partners that will allow you to spread the cost of your machine over a 3-5 years on a lease contract.

Outright Sale:

You can make a one off payment for the total costs of your machine with the option to purchase additional service plans. 

Flexible Payment Options for Coffee Machines

If you would like to discuss the payment options available to you, please call us on 01942 607 634 or email sales@absolutedrinks.net

  • Each Coffee specialty can be personally crafted by easily navigating through essential options such as Strength, Brewing Temperature, Grind & Milk consistency.
  • The addition of 2 Ceramic Disc Grinders also provides the option of both standard and decaff Coffee specialties at the touch of a button.
  • With dual Thermo-block heating elements and 2 high performance 15 bar Pumps, the Jura GIGA X8 Gen II would be the ideal Bean to Cup Coffee Machine for any environment producing up to 200 cups per day.
  • A separate hot water bypass function is also included to ensure the perfect Americano is produced and drinks can be prepared at increased Speed,  essential during busy lunchtime periods.
  • The GIGA X8 Gen II features a direct water connection or can be refilled manually via a 5ltr Water reservoir.