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International Coffee Day 2018

Monday 1st October marks the 4th annual International Coffee Day. International Coffee Day is a celebration of the journey coffee takes from the farm where it was grown to the cup. The International Coffee Organisation (ICO) describe it as a day to ‘honour the women and men who grow and harvest the coffee we love’. But what does International Coffee Day mean for your business? As a day of celebration that will surely be marked by coffee sellers large and small it is important that you [...]

New Site, New Year

Some of the eagle eyed amongst you will have noticed the complete site overall we recently completed. With the company growing and getting ready for 2017, we thought it would be a good idea to refresh our image a little. As a company we like to keep up to date with all recent changes in vending & commercial coffee machines so we can deliver the best possible service. With 2017 fast approaching and the commercial coffee machine market growing bigger [...]

Absolute Express – Coffee2Go

I’d love to present to you Absolute Express – A unique range of free stand1i2ng and versatile hot drink towers with fully integrated  bean to cup coffee engines. Choose either the standard ‘Store’ tower or upgrade to one of our fully integrated snack, can and cold drink ‘Serve’ tower options. Standard Features Include: • Full height ‘Store’ tower – Integral waste bin – Secure storage – Optional pumped water kit where no mains water is available Our commercial coffee2go machine is perfect for establishments who [...]

Where does Dracula Keep His Savings?

AT THE BLOOD BANK! Pfft, I admit that was awful. But it’s one of my clever marketing ways of grabbing your attention so now I can sneakily mention the best place in the world* to get a commercial coffee machine. Why have a boring coffee company, when you can have one that supports all your needs! We won’t just provide a coffee machine, but we also include installation, servicing & marketing & POS support. We want all our customers to be treated [...]

Get set for the Big Freeze with a Commercial Coffee Machine

Brrrrr! Winter is coming, the rain is falling and my i’m having to wrap up just to come to work! Luckily though, when I get to the office I have the bonus of being able to select from a plethora of luxury hot drinks. Jealous? You should be! With temperatures now dropping into single figures you’d be mad not to want a commercial coffee machine. But why listen to me and why buy a machine? Well I can’t vouch for myself [...]