Why Choose The Italia Bean To Cup Coffee Machine?

Bean to cup coffee machines are always a popular choice for all kinds of businesses, as they consistently produce deliciously high quality hot drinks.

The Italia Bean to Cup Coffee Machine is one of our favourite choices, because of it's unrivalled performance, durability and uniformed design. It has been the go-to choice for all kinds of businesses this year, and we're going to explain why.

Why Is The Italia Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machine So Popular?

Italia Bean to Cup Coffee Machine installed at Hollins Green
  • When you have spent time, money and effort on making your business look good, you want your coffee machine to fit perfectly - the Italia does this is in many environments.
  • The “mood lighting” illuminates the front and back which contrasts against the dark grey, giving a sleek and sophisticated feel. 
  • The large drinks menu displays up to 8 drink selections, so you can make sure all staff and customers have the option to choose their favourite drink. Thanks to the easy-to-use display, the Italia can be used for a self-service set up. 
Italia Bean to Cup Coffee Machine on base cabinet installed at Hungry Fish
  • This bean-to-cup coffee machine can be plumbed into a mains water supply, or use a hand-fill water tank if you don't have the access.
  • Ordering a base cabinet with this machine gives the option for a 20-litre water tank instead of a 3.5-litre water tank, great for busy environments as less attention is required for refilling.
  • As the Italia is a bean to cup coffee machine, it means the coffee beans are freshly ground for every cup. This is what makes every drink so delicious - high quality, rich coffee is poured every time. Your customers will again and again, as they’re getting great tasting drinks in a quick and easy way!
  • Keeping this coffee machine clean is also super easy - Absolute Drinks provides training on installment so your staff can ensure the machine is cleaned properly to avoid unnecessary issues.
Italia Bean to Cup Coffee Machine in a hair salon
  • Producing up to 100 cups a day (per refill of ingredients) at superior quality, your staff and visitors will always be satisfied.






Whether you’re looking for a coffee machine for a staff room, a salon, an office, a sports club, a restaurant, café or a bar, the Italia Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machine is the best choice for you. Here are some places where we have recently installed this fantastic coffee machine:

Italia Coffee Machines installed at convenience stores
Italia Coffee Machines installed in an office and play centre


At Absolute Drinks, the Italia is available for outright purchase or lease on a 3 or 5 year basis. If this is something you are interested in investing in for your business, make sure to enquire now and we will contact you with advice on the best options for you.