Commercial Beverage Solutions For Gyms and Leisure Centres At Absolute Drinks

Did you know commercial beverage machines are not limited to businesses in the hospitality industry?

Your gym can benefit from a beverage machine in many ways, by bringing in extra money and giving your members something to look forward to. From coffee and water machines to slush and vending machines there really is no limit to how you can improve your members' experience when they visit!


Coffee machine in a gym

A gym coffee machine can be bring so many benefits to your business and for your members. Did you know coffee has many health benefits including enhancing your athletic performance?

According to there are 5 more reasons you should drink coffee when exercising:

1. Coffee can burn fat and boost your energy.
2. Your metabolism is increased.
3. Coffee promotes better focus and concentration.
4. Drinking coffee can reduce muscle pain.
5. Coffee helps fight disease including Parkinson's and diabetes.

If you put a coffee machine in your gym, your members can easily grab their pre-workout coffee when they arrive instead of stopping off on the way. 

Even if people don't drink coffee as their pre-workout drink, it is the most popular drink worldwide - 2 billion cups are drank per day - so we can guarantee they will have a coffee from your coffee machine. For that small percentage of people who are not coffee lovers, you can cater to them too with our commercial coffee machines that serve hot chocolate and tea too!

Gyms always have a sense of community about them as it makes people feel comfortable and accepted in a potentially daunting place. You can create this space for members to congregate before, during and after their workout with a coffee machine and offer that coffee shop feel to really enforce that message.

While parents are waiting for their children to finish in their swimming lessons they can have a coffee and chat with the others - make the time go faster and it be a bit more interesting! 


Slush Machine at the Gym

A slush machine may not be the first thing you think your leisure centre needs, but there are so many reasons your gym needs to invest in one.

Slush is popular with people of all ages but especially children because they're so fun. They're super refreshing which makes it the perfect treat for children after their swimming lessons.

At Absolute Drinks we even have sugar-free slush syrups to match the healthy lifestyle message you promote at your gym!

You may think of a slush drink to be expensive for a customer but this is not always the case. Because the product is so inexpensive, you can charge your members as little at £1 a cup and make profit back without feeling you've over charged! This makes the parents less reluctant to buy their children one every week.

Water Machines at a leisure centre

Most leisure centres will have a water fountain for their members in the gym and around the building for them to fill up their bottles and stay hydrated. However, since re-opening after UK lockdowns, they are often out of use due for hygiene reasons as people often drink straight out of the tap. This causes disruption if members haven't brought a filled water bottle or need to fill up during their visit.

Staying hydrated is one of the most important things to do while exercising, replacing the fluids that have been sweated out ensures you don't get light headed or cause an accident. 

A water machine from Absolute Drinks is a must-have for your gym to ensure members have constant and easy access to water to stay refreshed. With a space for a bottle instead of a tap to drink from, making it more hygienic and therefore it can used within COVID health and safety guidelines!

The fresh chilled water ensures all members are hydrated and cooled down with every sip!


Healthy vending machines at a leisure centre

When you think of a vending machine, you most likely think of unhealthy snacks and fizzy sugary drinks inside. Well did you vending machines can be healthy?

Having a vending machine full of healthy snacks and energy drinks for members of your leisure centre is ideal. They can help themselves to a snack or drink to boost their energy before their workout or after as a post-workout treat. Fill it with snacks and drinks to suit your members and customise the prices too! 


Beverage and Vending Solutions for your gym

Boost your leisure centre's profit and keep your members happy with any of these commercial food and beverage machines at your gym. Absolute Drinks has worked with various leisure centres and gyms providing them with high quality machines that their members love!

With a huge range of commercial machines to suit all business environments, we will find the best solution for you. Whether you're looking for a self-service experience or an over-the-counter service, we've got all bases covered.

Get in touch to find out more and one of our highly experience reps will be in touch with all the advice you need! Fill in our contact form here or call us on 01942 607 634.