Top 5 Tips To Reduce Office Waste

We all recycle at home so why not in the office too? There are probably more things than you're aware of that can be reused and recycled, which can help decrease the amount of waste you're creating. Here are our 5 top tips on how you can reduce the waste your office is producing…

Swap your coffee pods for a bean-to-cup machine

Coffee pods are easy but they’re expensive and they create lots of plastic waste. All the waste from bean-to-cup machines can be recycled so you can take it home to reuse in the garden, for cooking or even add to your beauty regime. You could even take them to be made into carbon-neutral fuels too! 

Use your own cup

Bringing your own mug to work is super easy because you can wash and reuse it thousands of times, rather than using countless disposable cups and adding to the pile of over 2 billion cups thrown away a year. 

Add recycling boxes

Recycling boxes in the office will make it easy for staff to recycle their waste properly. The biggest office waste is paper, so why not reuse scrap pieces of paper rather than fresh pieces for making notes, and then recycle it!

Do not get bottled water

You’ll be buying less plastic so you're throwing away less plastic too. Using a reusable water bottle and filling up at the water cooler at work is easy as well as convenient. You won't need to keep getting up every 10 minutes to refill because they can carry a lot more water at a time. By doing this there will be no waste made from drinking water.

Bring your lunch to work

Many businesses now have basic cooking facilities at the least such as a microwave, so staff can make their own lunch. This reduces waste from packaging as people can bring their food in tubs and reuse over and over. Reduce waste and save money – what’s better than that?


Implementing all of this at once in your office could be quite difficult, so why not start by taking one step at a time. Suggest to your staff no plastic water bottles are allowed and for them to bring in their own reusable mugs for hot drinks - you'll be producing less and less waste by the week without even realising!

If you're interested in investing in a bean-to-cup coffee machine or a water machine, call us on 01942 607 634 to talk to one of our expert reps to see what is best for you!