Why Should Your Salon Have A Coffee Machine?

Offering your clients refreshments is the unspoken rule in hair and beauty salons to make sure they feel comfortable and welcomed. Some people can be very particular in the way they like their brew, so there’s always pressure to get it right. There is one way to reduce this stress and that is by having a coffee machine in your salon. All coffee machines guarantee consistently delicious drinks every single time, so there’s no pressure! Installing a coffee machine in your salon will bring you so many benefits, from improving your customers' experience to saving time and money.

Ensure Comfort

Clients expect to feel at ease during their treatment. No matter if it’s their weekly blow dry or a one-off makeover for a night out, it is important they feel just as good as they look! Treating your customers well will encourage them to return and recommend you to friends and family. A lot of hair and beauty salons will focus more on aiming to hire the most skilled and experienced staff but forget about offering the experience with it. If your clients don’t feel looked after, they’re not likely to return no matter how good they look at the end of the appointment - they don’t only want to look good but feel good too.

Best Coffee Machine For Salons

Italia Bean to Cup Coffee Machine in Hair and Beauty Salon

One of our most popular coffee machines that are ideal for hair and beauty salons, is the Italia Bean to Cup Coffee Machine. The reason for this is because it’s sleek and compact design is stylish and fits in well with salons’ interiors without ruining the aesthetics. The easy-to-use keypad offers 8 different drink choices, including hot water for tea and the option for hot chocolate. The performance is reliable, efficient and durable, meaning you can always count on this coffee machine to accommodate to your busy and fast-paced environment.

A tip from us would be to choose a tank-fill bean-to-cup coffee machine if you’re looking for a quick turnaround. This is because the installation time is dramatically less than a mains water coffee machine as there is no plumbing needed!

Save Time and Provide Convenience

Having a coffee machine in your salon is an advantage as you can save valuable time. Offering a self-service coffee machine within your establishment ensures your clients are relaxed before the treatment even starts. This is because they can make their own Absolute barista-style drinks whilst their treatment is being prepared. Our coffee machines are designed with the end-user in mind, with their simple and easy to use interface. They are easy to maintain and extremely beneficial to the salon industry because it upgrades your service without the hassle.

Luxury Service

A bean-to-cup coffee machine in your salon will add a luxurious touch to your service. Providing high-quality coffee, tea and hot chocolate to your clients is the perfect way to ensure they’re comfortable. Why not stand out and offer barista-style drinks at the touch of a button? You will be able to serve the finest hot drinks to your clients in no time at all.

At Absolute Drinks, we provide packages with every install to get you started as soon as your coffee machine is in. These packages are made bespoke to help fit your salon's needs perfectly. We include coffee, milk, chocolate and tea bags to cover all of your drinks options, along with milk pots, stirrers and sugars. This means your clients that use the self-service option, can easily adjust their drink to fit their taste by adding in those sugars.

Having a memorable salon includes doing this like adding those extra touches such as a biscuit or chocolate on the side. Also serving coffee in porcelain cups and glasses instead of takeaway-style cups will give that luxurious impression.

So, Should Your Salon Have a Coffee Machine?

The short answer, yes. As you now know, coffee machines do not only serve delicious coffee for your customers, they provide a relaxing atmosphere where your clients feel comfortable and at ease during their visit to your salon. Saving your staff time and your business money, a coffee machine in your salon is the perfect solution.

If your salon is in need of an upgrade in the form of a coffee machine, you can contact us and we will help you choose the best machine for you! Our expert reps have over 30 years worth of experience in the coffee industry, so we can guarantee we have all the answers to your questions.