Recommissioning Your Coffee Machine After A Prolonged Break

Are you preparing to reopen your business after lockdown? If your coffee machine has been turned off for a long time, these checks must be done before turning it back on. 

  1. Take out the mixing bowls (see *1) and pipes and thoroughly clean and dry them.
  2. Take out the ingredient canisters and clean out any old product. (ensure they are completely dry before they are restocked and replaced.)
  3. Make sure the white screws (see *2) move freely (white screws are located at the bottom of the ingredient canisters). 
  4. Mains water machines only - Once the machine is clean, flush the filter to remove any stagnant water. (you will find a grey switch, the flush valve, on the filter head (see *3). Bleed around 5L through the grey pipe into a bucket.) Then shut the flush valve. *Filter changes may be required.
  5. Turn on your coffee machine and allow it to heat up.
  6. Run at least 10 hot water vends to flush fresh water into the boiler and ensure the water is clear. If it is not please call us for further assistance.
  7. Run a cleaning cycle.
  8. Test a few drinks on the machine to ensure it is operating correctly. 
Coffee Machine Mixing BowlIngredients Canister with White ScrewFilter Flush Valve


Once you have followed these steps and there are no issues with the coffee machine, it is ready to use as normal again.

If you require further support or have any questions, please call the office on 01942 607 634 and select the service option.