Not Just Coffee Shops: Coffee on the Modern High Street

Coffee is taking over the nation’s high streets.

The council in charge of one 500-yard high street in sleepy Dorset recently blocked an application to turn a disused unit into a coffee shop, because there were 14 in place already.

No matter where you go these days, it seems you can’t get away from endless Starbucks, Costas and Café Neros – not to mention the independents.

But the high street coffee takeover isn’t finished with coffee shops.

Many other businesses are discovering the power of the coffee machine, using the dark brown elixir to bring in new customers, increase turnover and offer a new experience.

Here are just a few of the new high street businesses that are embracing commercial coffee machines.

Pubs and bars

All sorts of pubs are using coffee machines to cater to new customers and different customer groups.

With a commercial coffee machine, fancy city centre bars and traditional pubs can attract more customers earlier in the day and use them to support high-value menu items like a breakfast, brunch and lunchtime option.

Having a commercial espresso machine also means that these establishments can create popular drinks like espresso martinis, perfectly.

The best commercial coffee machine for pubs and bars

Pubs and bars can be busy places and staff members are unlikely to be trained baristas. To offer a good cup of coffee in this environment, pubs and bars need a rapid machine that doesn’t take any training.

The Franke A800 bean to cup coffee machine is a one-touch system capable of making three drinks simultaneously. The swift performance and gorgeous aesthetics mean that the A800 should sit pride of place behind any bar.


Commercial coffee machines aren’t just for coffee shops and other food service businesses.

Recognising that people lead busy lives, but still want to enjoy high-quality coffee, supermarket chains, petrol stations and other independent shops have all added coin-operated commercial coffee machines to their sites that people can use when they’re on the go.

The best commercial coffee machine for shops

Commercial coffee machines in shops need to be operated by members of the public, so they need to be straightforward and easy to use. It also needs to have some way for people to pay for their drink, so should be fitted with a coin-operated system.

The laRhea Variplus Grande premium bean to cup coffee machine fits the bill perfectly. The touch screen system is incredibly easy to use, and it can be fitted with a coin or token-operated system that can collect revenue easily. As long as these machines are properly maintained, there is no reason why they cannot produce top quality coffee on-par with a barista-made drink.


Offices and co-working spaces have become a key part of town and city-centre high streets. These buildings are packed with eager workers, many of which live on a diet rich in caffeine.

Business owners and office managers recognise that they can keep staff engaged and on-site if they provide a high-quality coffee service that rivals that of the nearby Starbucks or Costa.

Office buildings can choose to offer this service for free as a value-added extra, or they can charge for it and open up a new revenue stream.

The best commercial coffee machine for offices

Top-quality coffee needs to be top of the list for a commercial coffee machine in any office. A good quality coffee machine that can pump out popular drinks like lattes, cappuccinos and flat whites will become the centre-point of any office chit chat – just like the water cooler 20 years ago.

The Velocita commercial coffee machine is a perfect pick for offices. Inexpensive to lease, small enough to fit on a kitchen counter and able to fulfil a range of different drink choices – the Velocita will make a welcome addition to any office.

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