Make Iced Coffee the Hottest Thing in Your Office this Autumn

They used to describe the British as a nation of tea drinkers, but the tea-leaf is fast being usurped by the coffee bean, possibly following its boom in America.  Was there ever coffee before the US sitcom Friends?  Was the nation’s new favourite tipple in fact invented by Chandler and Monica et al, mined in a Eureka moment at the Central Perk café (check out our very own Central Perk here in Manchester)?  Of course we know that the story of coffee goes back much further than that, but certainly its ubiquity has become accelerated in recent years, with coffee shops on every corner, and coffee chains now a familiar part of the high street.  Indeed, in this age of online retail it seems the only thing you can’t do via the internet is make a coffee and get a haircut. 

But what about when you’re at work?  Most people tend to navigate their way through the working day via the weigh-points created by fixing a brew.  At Absolute Drinks, we have done what we can to supply the workplace with the very best coffee machines on the market, and elevate the process beyond the awful sludge once served in UK offices.  But then… what about summer and autumb?  We’ve had quite a good one in the UK, even a bit of an Indian summer it seems, and in the heat people are often less inclined to drink hot drinks, while still needing that caffeine lift to propel them through the day.


At Absolute Drinks, we are across all the wonderful varieties and blends of coffee and then extends to iced coffee.  The cold companion of the latte and cappuccino, iced coffee is enjoying a particularly marked upsweep in popularity at the moment, and especially through the months when that elusive orange ball in the sky makes its appearance.  In territories such as the US, China, and particularly Japan, iced and cold coffee drinking has enjoyed a boom.  Interestingly, in the UK it’s the younger coffee drinkers who have adopted the drink.  Less entrenched in their habits and traditions, 66% of 18-24 year olds agreed it made a change from their usual cokes and Fanta’s.  In fact, a fifth of ready-to-drink coffees launched in the last couple of years has been iced – everything from Frappuccinos to Nitros.

Bringing Iced Coffee To Manchester

So how do you make an iced coffee? If you’re going to give this a go yourself, grab a tall glass, and a spoon that’s also long enough to reach the bottom (so you don’t lose your spoon in the coffee… although another benefit of iced coffee is that you won’t burn your fingerprints off trying to retrieve a wayward spoon).  Fill the glass to the top with ice for - yes you guessed it - a key ingredient of an iced coffee… is ice.  Pour coffee over the ice so that it almost reaches the top, although make sure the coffee is itself cold, otherwise you’ll simply melt all the ice.  Add a little milk, or cream (naughty!) to suit your taste, and perhaps a little sugar (naughty naughty!).  This is where the milk conducts its elegant dance with the coffee, which you can aid with your spoon, stirring up the mixture to create that gorgeous, tan coloured liquid.

However, if all that seems far too much like hard work, your company might hopefully have come to Absolute Drinks, in which case we will have been able to provide some Chillo Pre Iced coffee mix, or even leased one of our many quality coffee machine that can provide you with a soothing, iced coffee at the touch of a button.

Then it’s back to your desk to enjoy!