Karak Chai - What is it? 5 Health Benefits & Chai Tea Instant Machines

We are excited to announce Absolute Drinks has branched out and created a whole new range of drink machines!

The Absolute Chai Tea Machines have been designed and programmed by our very own engineers. Designed using a combination of their knowledge and experience in the coffee and tea industry, with the knowledge and feedback from the public. With these machines we have introduced a brand new kind of drink, Karak Chai.

Karak Chai in glass cup

What is Karak Chai?

Karak Chai, also known as Masala Chai, is a sweet hot tea that originated in India and is drank across Arabian countries. As the rough translation suggests, Karak Chai is a "strong tea", in both taste and colour compared to a regular English tea.

This sweet Indian tea, is made with a blend of fermented black tea leaves, ginger and spices such as black pepper, cardamon, cinnamon, fennel and cloves. It typically has a high dose of sugar but depending how it is made this can vary. The high sugar content can be brushed aside, though, due to the many health benefits of drinking this drink!

Who Drinks Karak Chai?

Masala Chai is enjoyed over all Arabian countries and is especially popular in Dubai, UAE. Because of the strong but sweet taste, people of all ages enjoy drinking it! The health benefits that come with drinking it, this makes it so much more enjoyable to drink!

Why Drink Karak Chai? 5 Benefits of Masala Tea:

You might be wondering other reasons people choose to drink Karak Tea other than the taste. The ingredients used to make the Arabian drink come with many health benefits so it's good for you too...

  • Improves digestion - Both ginger and black pepper have properties that regulate the digestive system and improves gut health. They help circulation and oxygen flow to your organs and help the pancreas produce digestive enzymes which speeds up the digestive process and breaks down fats and proteins. 
  • Supports your immune system - Cardamom has been used in Tibetan medicine for centuries as it contains high amounts of vitamin C and other nutrients used to keep your immune system healthy. 
  • It is anti-inflammatory and an antioxidant - Cloves help to reduce cholesterol levels and the formation of plaques that cause cardiovascular diseases. The herbs and spices in Karak Chai combined make one huge source of anti-inflammation, especially ginger and cloves. While the other spices keep the blood pressure and heart rate in check.
  • Karak Chai boosts your energy - The main ingredient, black tea, is a source of caffeine. Side effects of caffeine include energy boosting, increasing alertness and productivity. Typically there is 1/3 of caffeine in a cup of Karak Chai compared to a cup of regular coffee.
  • Common Cold and Flu cure - Karak Chai can treat the symptoms of the common cold and flu. This is thanks to the anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and anti-fungal properties from the mix of ingredients. It's also drank to make you feel instantly better when you have cough and nasal congestions.
  • BONUS BENEFIT Halts Cancer growth - Research into Masala Chai and it's characteristics has shown that it can halt the growth of cancer cells due to the antioxidant properties. Plus, the main ingredients of cardamom, ginger and cinnamon are anti-cancerous too.

So, in summary, if you like tea that not only tastes delicious but brings you so many health benefits Karak Chai is definitely the choice for you. If you're conscious about your caffeine intake, Masala Chai is a great alternative to coffee because of it's lower caffeine content.

You may be wondering "where can I get Karak Chai?" if you don't want to make it yourself. Usually Karak Chai is made in a huge pot on a stove and a lot of it can go to waste if you don't end up drinking it all or selling it all. After we discovered this problem, we decided to create our very own line of Chai Instant Tea Machines. 

Absolute Chai Tea Machines - Chaimaster Range

When researching all about Karak Chai while designing and creating the machines, we pitched our idea to a selection of our existing customers who are knowledgeable in this culture and drink.

They revealed Karak Chai is a well-loved sweet tea drank by all ages and all kinds of people. This confirmed to us how big of an opportunity this would be for Absolute Drinks, as well as businesses within the hospitality industry.

Our Absolute Chai Tea Machine cut out the whole process of making it from scratch and risking huge amounts of waste, as it has been made into an instant tea and the machines do all the mixing to make the perfect Karak Chai.

Our range contains 3 variations of the original Karak Chai machine. Each is designed with slightly different features and specifications to cater to a wide range of business needs. 

The Absolute Chai Tea Machines are ideal if you want to offer Karak Chai to customers, staff and visitors, as well as coffee and hot chocolate. These versatile machines will offer our new drinks options whilst still serving the classic hot drinks.

Absolute Chaimatic 4 Tea Machine

Absolute Chaimatic 4 Tea Machine

  • Smallest of the range - slimline to fit in limited spaces
  • Karak Chai, instant coffee and hot chocolate - 12 drink buttons
  • Drinks made in under 10 secs



Absolute Chaimatic 5 Tea Machine

Absolute Chaimatic 5 Tea Machine

  • Large instant tea machine - 5 ingredient canisters for more drink combinations
  • Offer Karak Chai, instant coffee and hot chocolate - 12 customisable drink buttons
  • Drinks made in under 10 secs
  • Caters to busier environments with larger ingredient canisters


Absolute Chaimatic Bean Tea Machine

Absolute Chaimatic Bean to Cup Tea Machine

  • Slimline design to fit in small areas
  • Coffee bean hopper so freshly ground coffee is served - bean to cup option of the 3 machines
  • Karak Chai, coffee and hot chocolate served - 12 customisable drink buttons are available


Join us on this exciting journey by getting involved and getting your hands on our exclusive range of Chai Tea Machines! You'll create excitement and attract a wide audience to your business by serving the delicious Karak Chai at the touch of a button!

Get in touch to find out more info on how you can lease or purchase one of these machines for your business.