Evolution of Coffee

Coffee has been around since 800AD. In the 9th Century herders stumbled across the coffee plant when they noticed their goats were eating the red berries which took effect to which they started to jump and frolic around.

At present Brazil is now the worlds largest coffee producer they produce a third of the worlds coffee supply.
Brazil and coffeeFarming coffee beans
When King Charles II reigned he tried to ban coffee however in 1848 during the revolutions of Europe because the soldiers depended on coffee or rather the caffeine the consumption increased dramatically.
Coffee for the soldiers

In the late 1800’s the industrial revolution relied on coffee because it gave the workers energy and allowed them to carry through there shift. As years past the American soldiers named the delicious tasty drink a ‘cup of joe’.

Coffee at homeHome drinking coffeecoffee is good at home

In 1969 on the day that the Apollo 11 launched the astronauts drank coffee before they landed on the moon, now astronauts have state-of-the-art vacuum  sealed pouches and zero gravity cups so they can still enjoy their cup of coffee. They prepare their coffee in the ISSpresso which is a coffee machine adapted to work in the space station.

Also in 2015 Astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti drank the first espresso in space.

Spaceman sat in coffeeAstronaut enjoying coffee

In America some roasters made coffee by hand in the 1990’s by sourcing beans from smaller plantations owned by local farmers. They also supported the farms that didn’t endanger the environment, this evolved in to the ‘Specialty Coffee’.

Farmers drying out the coffee beans

In the 20th Century coffee was ready to enter people’s homes. The taste of a fresh pot of coffee in the comfort of your own home is what people craved.

home coffeeCleaning coffee machine at home

As times went on business owners then bought them for their businesses so then their colleagues or customers can enjoy different varieties of warm drinks.

 Coffee in the work place