Coffee Machine In A Waiting Room? Reasons Why & Your Options

Whether it's a hospital, beauty salon, children's play area or a car MOT garage, the waiting area can always be improved. A plethora of emotions are felt here: boredom, nerves and even irritation. 

You can change that. A coffee machine in a waiting room can create a sense of calm, provide a source of distraction all while you can earn an extra profit.

These are just a few of the ways a coffee machine can transform your customer experience while they're sitting in your waiting room.

We explain the benefits of having a coffee machine in a waiting room and the best ones for your business.


Why Have A Coffee Machine In Your Waiting Area?

You may not have thought about how to improve this stage of your client service. It’s so simple yet so important in creating that overall experience that they’ll enjoy, encouraging them to return and spread the word about your services. 

Waiting rooms are used as a communal area for customers to wait for their appointment, or while a service is being completed. Despite this not being part of the actual service itself, making your client feel as comfortable as possible is essential.


1. Coffee Machines Can Help Create A Calm Environment In Medical Waiting Rooms

In the medical sector, General Practices, Dentists’ offices, clinics and hospitals all have an established area where people sit to wait for an appointment. It is very common for these situations to be daunting for patients. They could be awaiting serious treatment or a difficult conversation with a Doctor. Providing a calming space can be done with a gesture as small as offering a brew from a coffee machine in the waiting room.

By having an automatic coffee machine patients, visitors and staff alike can use it to get a hot drink. This addition will create the sense they're being looked after from the beginning of their visit. When they return, they'll instantly remember their previous experience and are more likely to return feeling more confident they're cared for.


2. Improve Your Clients' Experience In Your Beauty Salon

Offering a brew to your client in the beauty industry completes the whole experience. Businesses such as beauty salons, hairdressers and spas usually have an area for clients to relax in before and after their treatment, and are commonly offered a hot drink made with the kettle. While some customers may not mind this, providing high-quality hot drinks from a commercial coffee machine in your waiting room can create that luxurious experience. Clients can chat over a cup of coffee and will likely return after an enjoying their visit.

An automatic coffee machine in your waiting area can be used as self-service where clients help themselves to a coffee, or a coffee machine that staff use to serve to the clients. Read more about why your beauty salon should have a coffee machine here.


3. Parent Waiting Areas Need A Coffee Machine

Places with a waiting area for parents are ideal for a coffee machine. This includes kid’s play areas, school reception and kids sports clubs. These spaces are designed for parents waiting for their children to finish their club and it can be quite monotonous. A coffee vending machine serves hot drinks quickly and easily and can add a bit of enjoyment to an otherwise mundane experience. It also adds a social element as parents can catch up with each other over a cup of coffee. 

The waiting room coffee machines don’t only serve coffees, but hot chocolate and tea too. Parents often have other children with them waiting for their siblings, so giving them hot chocolate from a coffee machine is a great way to keep them entertained too!


4. Coffee Machines For Office And Hotel Receptions

Creating a lasting first impression for your visitors/guests is what they remember the most. Your service can be incredible but if they do not feel welcomed into your business, it can leave a sour taste from the beginning. If you offer high-quality fresh coffee in your reception, your guests can help themselves and be instantly impressed. Your coffee vending machine not only serves fresh hot drinks but creates a delicious aroma to the reception of your workplace. 

With a huge range of commercial coffee machines at Absolute Drinks, no matter your industry or clientele, there will be a machine perfectly suited to your needs and aesthetic.


5. Add To Your Services With A Coffee Machine In A Car Garage

Most people won’t wait for their car to be serviced or an MOT as they can take hours/a whole day, but car garages should still consider the benefits of a coffee machine in their waiting room. Even if people are just popping in for a short visit to pass over their keys or to pay for their service, grabbing a quick coffee can make their day and help you remain memorable. Some services or consultations may require the customer to wait while it’s being completed so in this case your commercial coffee machine helps ensure your clients are well looked after while their cars are too.

Adding a payment system to your waiting room coffee machine is super easy and enables you to earn extra profits. Charging as little as £1 per cup is appealing to people on the go who want their caffeine fix at a low price - earning huge profits from this is still possible!


Best Coffee Machine For Waiting Rooms 

In order to fulfill everything we have mentioned in this article, you need to choose your coffee machine. To make it a little easier for you, here are our top picks of the best commercial coffee machines for waiting rooms...

Tino Instant Coffee Machine - Absolute Drinks

Tino Instant Coffee Machine

  • Slim coffee machine - great if you have limited space
  • Can be plumbed in or handfill - whatever suits you best
  • Drinks are made super quickly (under 1 min) and a range of coffees are available
  • Super simple to keep clean/maintain 



Velocita Bean To Cup Coffee Machine - Absolute Drinks

Velocita Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

  • Looks great - sleek and modern design is compatible with many workplaces
  • Easy to operate so works well for self-service areas
  • Fresh bean to cup coffees 


laRhea Business Line - Instant or Bean To Cup Coffee Machine - Absolute Drinks

laRhea Business Line Instant and Bean to Cup Coffee Machines

  • Can choose instant or bean to cup model to suit
  • 12 drinks options to cater to all tastes incl. tea and hot chocolate
  • Great for a busy establishment as it needs little attention for maintenance



Commercial coffee machine packages are tailored to suit your business needs including extra accessories such as cup warmers and payment systems. It doesn't matter if the quality of the ingredients or whether the speed and cost is the most important, Absolute Drinks has the coffee machine for you.

Our reps are experts on everything coffee-related and can answer any questions you may have. Contact us to find out more about our coffee machines for your waiting room here. Appointments and demos are available to businesses in most areas across the UK - simply request this on the contact form or phone call.