Co-Working Spaces – What you need to know

What is co-working?

The first official co-working space was opened Brad Neuberg in 2005 San Francisco after freelancing started becoming a lot more popular and space was needed for those freelancers who needed a base. Since 2010, the number of co-working spaces across the UK has increased by 3000% (!), proving there is definitely a demand for them all over the country.

The Workplace Co. sum co-working spaces up like this: “The key idea behind offering co-working spaces is not only to aid start-up ventures to grow, but also to bring professionals working from home together, and build an intellectual community that can share ideas and knowledge, and in turn grow together. Also, small businesses can enjoy all the facilities of an actual office space without owning one.”

Freelancers are choosing to work in co-working spaces rather than working from home for the interaction aspect, as it can become quite isolating, with only yourself for company at home. Co-working spaces are full of other individuals in all sorts of industries making it super easy for collaborating, networking, sharing ideas and skills with.

Being flexible is one of the most appealing things for becoming freelance, so bearing this in mind co-working spaces are not only open for the conventional 9 to 5. This is attractive for people who need to work around their home lives rather than organising their home life around work. Also, because a lot of spaces offer temporary rentals it makes it super easy for people who travel around a lot and means people are not tied down to one specific place if they don’t want to be.

Budgeting correctly is always a majorly important factor; whether it be in general everyday life or in business, it is just as vital. Co-working spaces are generally more profitable than renting out a whole office space. Hot desking is the most favoured type of co-working due to the flexible lifestyle of freelancers, so renting out a whole office space for just one individual would not be the most cost-effective solution.

Co-working spaces provide office-like facilities and amenities. The basics: Wi-Fi, telephones, computers, toilets, kitchen/break areas, printing access to shared printing and meeting rooms. Some even include facilities such as showers, a café/restaurant, 24/7 access and more. Of course, some places include more fancy and trendy features than others, but they will all come fully equipped with the necessities.

Overall, it is clear why co-working spaces are becoming more and more popular thanks to their flexible hours, office-like facilities, cost and collaboration benefits. Now we know about co-working, how would a coffee machine help?


How does coffee benefit co-working spaces?

Coffee is the most popular hot beverage across the world, with over 400 billion cups drank a year worldwide. There’s constantly a huge demand for it everywhere you go; nearly every office you go in will have a coffee machine or will offer you a coffee.

One reason for installing a coffee machine in a co-working space is improving productivity. The caffeine in coffee stops your body producing adenosine receptors which means it will release more dopamine and adrenaline, stopping you from feeling sleepy so you’ll feel more focused and switched on. These are two key factors when it comes to being more productive and even small doses are effective with boosting your energy levels and alertness.

The watercooler effect: the event of employees at a workplace gathering around the office water cooler and chatting. Coffee machines are the modern watercoolers – the perfect spot for people to connect, sharing ideas, knowledge and skills. It creates the perfect place for organic networking which relates to the whole purpose of a co-working office.

If you’re still not convinced, read one of our previous blogs all about why you should be drinking coffee at work and you will be (that’s if you don’t already drink 5 a day like the rest of us!).  


Keep your eyes on our evergrowing collection of coffee machines that are perfect for co-working spaces, so you can keep all members and visitors happy and motivated. Give us a call if you own or run a co-working space and you’re interested in upgrading your coffee solution with one of our state of the art machines > 01942 607 634.