Absolute Drinks Christmas Special Offer 2019

We all know a hot cup of coffee, hot chocolate or tea is perfect when the weather outside is looking a bit frosty! So with this in mind, Absolute Drinks has a Christmas special offer on including everything you could possibly need to help you kickstart a coffee solution. This blog post explains the package in detail, so keep reading if you want to be involved...

From only £4 per day + VAT, the Christmas special offer includes a Traditional 2 Group Coffee Machine, which we will fully install with a grinder, full barista kit and knock box. You’ll have full service cover on the coffee machine throughout the leasing period, which means you will receive quick and reliable service from our engineers if you have any issues. When the machine is installed by us, you and your staff will receive full training to make sure you know how to use it properly, clean it, empty and refill ingredients and more. Knowing how to use the machine properly is extremely important to ensure we prevent any problems through mistake or misuse.

Expobar G10 2 Group Traditional Coffee Machine installed in Puckersley Inn with knockbox and grinder

The coffee machine we are offering is the Vitro 2 Group Traditional Coffee Machine. The photo above is the machine itself installed at The Puckersley Inn where their customers are loving it! This machine is ideal for businesses who want to provide high-quality coffee to their customers and have the staff who will make the coffees during the day. This machine comes with a filter, full barista kit, grinder and knock box - all the essential equipment to get started. Traditional espresso machines provide consistently outstanding drinks to keep your customers happy every time. From businesses such as small tea rooms to top-level restaurants, this machine will bring many benefits and will ensure a positive atmosphere.

The Christmas package does not stop there. We are providing extras to make sure you are all ready from the get-go so once your machine is installed, you’ll be ready to serve customers right away! We are providing 2000 FREE drinks. This means enough ingredients such as coffee beans and milk that will cater for approx. 2000 drinks that you don’t have to pay for. If you’re selling your drinks at £2.50 each, you’ll be making £5,000 profit and that is just to start with!!

Da Vinci Coffee Syrup and Lotus BiscuitsPorcelain cappuccino and espresso cups, lattes glass and chocolate shaker

We thought crockery is something we want to offer to make sure you have a full starter pack. So, within this Christmas special offer, you’ll get 18 x Cappuccino porcelain cups, 18 x Latte glasses, 6 x Espresso porcelain cups and a chocolate shaker. This is like a base set to get you going so you have the right crockery and glassware for your customers! We couldn’t create a Christmas special offer without some extra treats either, so you will get 4 x coffee syrups of your choice and 1 x box of Lotus biscuits too!

Absolute Drinks menu with wooden stand and a-board advertising fresh coffee

To help you advertise your delicious customers and encourage people to come and warm up inside, we are going to give you a fantastic A-board. For inside, we will also send you 12 x menus with a selection of hot drinks on there that you can give to your customers to order from!

This Christmas special offer costs only £4 + VAT a day and you’ll be fully prepared to start providing your hot drinks almost straight away! If this is something that could benefit you, call us on 0194 260 7634 or go to our contact page and fill in the form. We will give the best advice and as much information as you need, including a free demo and we will try to get your machine installed before Christmas!