7 Benefits Of A Coffee Machine In A Convenience Store

Everyone has a convenience store just around the corner where they go multiple times a week to pop in and get the odd forgotten item. As you may know, convenience stores stock a limited range of essentials, from snacks to cleaning products to frozen food to medicine - they really are the one-stop-shop for all sorts of random household items. 

As convenience stores are developing over time and owners are wanting to improve the overall customer experience, many are investing a commercial coffee machine. From this, they are taking advantages of the countless benefits. If you own a convenience store and do not provide this coffee solution, you’re missing out on a lot of advantages! 

We work with a selection of different well-known convenience stores to provide their coffee to go solutions and we have seen first-hand how well they are all doing! Here, we have put together a list of 7 benefits of having a convenience store coffee machine and it might just encourage you to invest...

Offer a new range of products.

All coffee machines serve a selection of different hot drinks, so as well as offering a range of chilled drinks, your customers can choose one of your hot drinks too. This is a great way to attract more customers that are interested in having a coffee every so often, especially during the colder months to warm people up! 

Provide a coffee-to-go service.

Drinking coffee on the go is all the rage at the moment as people are always in a rush on their way to their next destination. Coffee-to-go is perfect for customers on the go who are just popping in on their lunch too - reflects the “convenience” of convenience stores

Earn an additional profit.

At Absolute Drinks, we have affordable coffee solutions with bespoke packages to fit all of your business’ needs. This means, even if you’re selling drinks at a very low price and after paying for the coffee machine, you will be making money with every drink you sell.

Increases returning customers and daily footfall.

Offering this type of reliable service will always bring people back to your shop again and again, and because this is a new product available a brand new set of customers will become your regular customers. Compared to before and after your coffee machine in your convenience store, footfall will increase!

Little training needed and low maintenance.

Our coffee machines are so user-friendly so making them self-service is ideal. This means there is no need to train each member of staff how to use it, saving you money and time. In addition to this, the cleaning and maintenance is super easy to keep on top of to ensure it runs smoothly and consistently. Because of this, training your staff on the upkeep of your coffee machine is so simple.

Give your customers that coffee shop experience.

As a lot of people are working from home, they're missing visiting their local cafe during their coffee breaks and making coffee at home just isn't the same. This means your convenience store can become their new local coffee shop alternative! Your selection of hot drinks will attract people to your store on their breaks - perfect for creating a regular customer base too.

Provide an efficient and reliable service.

All coffee machines are super easy and quick, so your customers’ drinks can be made in the background while buying the rest of their shop. Coffee machines provide consistently delicious drinks every time too, so there is no need to worry about getting your customers’ coffee preferences right as the machine does it for you!

We are proud to provide many convenience stores with their coffee solutions

Absolute Drinks coffee tower installed at Heyside Mini Market Premier store

As we mentioned earlier, we continue to work with a range of convenience stores so they can take advantage of all these benefits and more. Take a look at the coffee station we recently installed at the newly refurbished Heyside Mini Market Premier store, in Oldham. Our wide range of coffee towers, stations and other coffee-to-go solutions, we can solve all of your business needs!


Absolute Drinks are the official Best One Best Way coffee supplier

We are also the certified provider for all Best One Best Way stores for their coffee machines, supplies and everything that goes with it. If you have a Best One Best Way convenience store and are not yet registered with us, make sure to contact us (check below for contact details) and you'll save a huge amount!

 Best One Best Way Coffee Station

Which coffee machine is best for a convenience store?

For convenience stores, we recommend having either an instant coffee machine or bean-to-cup coffee machine. One reason for this is because these coffee machines are typically less expensive than a traditional espresso coffee machine. They require less training (as we've already discussed) and are better suited to shop-style business settings. 

Once you have made the decision that you need a coffee machine in your convenience store, choosing the one for you is the next step! Because we have a huge range of brands and models, it can be difficult to choose which one is best suited for you, so here is a list of our top 3 (click through to each product to find out more).

Absolute Drinks Coffee To Go Solutions - Coffee Towers

If this list has made you realised how much you are missing out on without a coffee machine in your convenience store, take a look at our coffee-to-go solutions page here. For a no-obligation, free quote or a chat with one of our expert reps, contact us here!