6 Reasons Your Office Needs A Coffee Machine

There are many obvious reasons an office should invest in a coffee machine. One being simply because coffee is great so why not have a super quick and easy way to make whatever you want, whenever you want? Here we have put together a few less obvious ideas about why you NEED a coffee machine in your office! Take a look...


Increasing Staff Productivity

Having the occasional break at work helps keep your mind focused as you are not trying to focus on the same thing for hours on end, so a coffee machine will encourage people to take a break from their screens for 5 minutes every now and then. Caffeine itself also helps with productivity and focus. If you haven't already, check out our previous blog about why you should drink coffee at work which explains how this works. 

Saving Time

Another way a coffee machine can benefit the office is there is no reason for your staff to go off-site for their caffeine fix. A lot of people will pop to the coffee shop on the way to work and end up being late because of queues, but with the access to a coffee machine that can make all sorts of hot drinks, your staff will come straight in to work for their brew. Comparing making a coffee with a coffee machine to a kettle, it is a lot less time consuming and it prevents people from wasting time in the kitchen to make a whole round of coffees and teas. 

Pleasing Customers and Clients

If your workplace has regular visitors or ever invites customers in, a coffee machine can help keep them happy and refreshed during their time there. The consistently good coffee will leave a lasting impression and could potentially help improve your relationship with them.

Providing High-Quality Hot Drinks

Our bean-to-cup coffee machines consistently produce top-quality coffees at the simplest touch of a button. There is no need for special barista training to provide fresh delicious coffee every time because of how simple they are to use. The switch from plain instant coffee made with a kettle is huge and you will definitely not regret it.

Saving Staff and The Business Money

Just a small investment in leasing a coffee machine can lead to a boost in productivity and therefore more sales and better customer service. If you order your ingredients from us you are entitled to free call outs any time for servicing your machine which means you won't have to pay extortionate prices every time we send an engineer out to you! Buying your ingredients from us at competitive prices means you'll be saving money compared to buying them from supermarkets.

Improving Communication

As we have stated many times before, the coffee machine is becoming the modern water cooler, where staff connect with each other while making their drinks. This will improve overall morale and creates a friendly work environment where people feel comfortable sharing ideas and knowledge with each other.


If any of these points have persuaded you to get your own office coffee machine, check out our full range here to see what we have to suit your needs best! For more information on how you can lease or purchase outright one of the machines, give us a call and one of our expert reps will help you out > 01942 607 634