5 Reasons You Should Be Drinking Coffee At Work

With over 400 billion cups drank a year worldwide, coffee is the most loved hot beverage everywhere. Coffee can provide countless benefits for people in the workplace and one way to aid these benefits is by having a coffee machine.

Here are 5 reasons why you and your employees should be drinking coffee at work – that’s if you’re not already obsessed like the rest of the world is…


1 – Coffee keeps you alert, focused and productive.

Many studies have shown that caffeine helps you stay alert and awake, as it is one of the most effective stimulants available. It gives your central nervous system a boost which means drinking coffee at work is going to help keep you efficient and productive during the working day.

2 – It helps you live longer.

Numerous studies across the world have investigated coffee’s effects on people’s health and they found that drinking coffee can help you live longer. These studies all found a strong correlation between drinking a lot of coffee and having a longer life expectancy as well as many other health benefits coffee provides.

4 – Coffee reduces pain.

Nowadays, working at a desk is very common, which means being sat in the same position all day every day. This can lead to repetitive strain injury and many studies have found that drinking coffee can reduce pain development. This means drinking coffee at work is not only an energy booster, but it can help you moderate your pain throughout the day.

5 – Coffee breaks increase social interaction.

Coffee breaks during the working day allow people to have time away from their screens and socialise, sharing knowledge and experiences. This provides an overall boost of positivity as they get to know their colleagues better, making them feel more comfortable at work. Drinking coffee at work can make you happier in your job thanks to the socialising it brings.


Overall, drinking coffee at work not only improves your employees’ focus levels, productivity and health, but it helps them feel comfortable within their job and this is crucial when it comes to looking after your members of staff. Coffee has become an important part of creating a positive business culture, so if your workplace doesn’t already have a coffee machine, you’re really missing out.

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