Egerton Road South Post Office, Manchester - New Coffee Tower!

Branded Coffee Tower at Egerton Road Post Office

In March 2020, Egerton Road South Post Office in Manchester was looking for a newly branded coffee tower and coffee machine to serve high-quality hot drinks to their customers on the go. They already had a tower from a previous deal, so our marketing team designed the new branding to go on the outside of the tower as requested. We used our logo to make their customers aware that they'll be drinking our delicious coffee, as well as coffee-to-go signs. The coffee machine we installed is the Italia Bean To Cup Coffee Machine, which is ideal for environments such as a post office or convenience store. The coffee machine is so easy to use so customers can make their own hot drinks with no hassle, which will speed up the queue at the till.
Visit the Post Office (127 Egerton Road South, Manchester, M21 0XN) and try one of their delicious hot drinks!