Golden Dance Studios Installation - Atherton

Okay, so not exactly strictly come dancing! But after a visit to the brand new Golden Dance Studios in Atherton, you would struggle to tell the difference.

We recently inst

alled the amazing Armonia Soft Touch  into Golden Dance who have recently opened a state of the art facility, which offers lessons to people of all ages and covers all styles. They chose this machine because of the amazing quality of the coffee and the offer of Custom Graphics on the screen.

See, at absolute drinks we always put the customer first and even if that involves spending some time designing some custom graphics, then so be it. As long as that helps the customer increase machine usage, then that is really all that matters!

The Armonia Soft Touch comes in both fresh milk and powdered, with the option of offering fresh decaf coffee. Also, as previously mentioned this machine features a large LCD display, which can be used to display customer logo’s and coffee offers.

Along with this amazing machine, we included a large quantity of free drinks, branded ceramic cups, back lit A3 Clip Frames and of-course ongoing support.

In fact, as part of the deal we even set up a bespoke WiFi solution! Because, at absolute drinks we will always help new business where we can.

We know setting up a new business (or new site in this case) can be difficult, so along with coffee machines we can also offer a number of different services to include: complete fit outs, WiFi solutions, point of sale solutions, digital signage, refrigeration and much more.

You can visit our friends at Golden Dance Studios here

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If you want to discuss machine leases, customer graphics or coffee with us. Then please call us on: 01942 607 634