Absolute Butter Coffee (Is this turning into an health blog)

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Absolute Butter Coffee (Is this turning into an health blog)

If this is turning into a health blog, i’m probably not particularly qualified. 

For the uneducated or uncaring among us, let me tell you what butter coffee is. Although, i’m guessing most of you are able to figure it out for yourselves. Basically in a nutshell: brewed coffee + 1-2 tablespoons unsalted butter chucked into a blender till frothy.

Being the office guinea pig I thought i’d give this a go, so this week for me (last week) has been butter week. By the way, i’m not just doing this for the “fun” of it. Butter coffee has been recommended by numerous fitness advisers (so I hear… fitness to me means walking to my car). So let me tell you what I think:

It pretty much tastes like someones taken butter and stuck it in coffee. I’d love to say that it amalgamates into a whole new flavour. It doesn’t… but it’s alright. It doesn’t look particularly great either, once the foam settles you just end up with oily liquid floating on top of your coffee. (Yummy!)

That being said, it does certainly make you feel like you have had a meal. But in some ways, with the butter in it you kind of have. Sorry i’m not won over.

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Bring on the Egg Coffee Next……



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