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International Coffee Day | Absolute Coffee

International Coffee Day 2018

Monday 1st October marks the 4th annual International Coffee Day. International Coffee Day is a celebration of the journey coffee takes from the farm where it was grown to the cup. The International Coffee Organisation (ICO) describe it as a day to ‘honour the women and men who grow and harvest the coffee we love’. But what does International Coffee Day mean for your business? As a day of celebration that will surely be marked by coffee sellers large and small it is important that you [...]

Summer of Absolute Slush
Margarita Slush Syrup Available
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Summer of Slush

For those of you who have recently joined the world of slush with Absolute Slush we are sure that you have already seen how quickly having a commercial slush machine can impact on your sales. With one of the hottest summers we’ve seen for a number of years, customers have been seen rejoicing at the sight of a slush machine on a hot day up and down the country. Meanwhile, business owners have also been rejoicing at the profits [...]

FC United Coffee Machine designed and installed by Absolute Drinks

FC United Instant Coffee – Another Amazing Absolute Install!

FC instant coffee is here!! We recently installed a fully customised Roma instant coffee machine into the grounds of FC United. Located on Broadhurst Park in Moston, this football club’s main focus is to give football back to the supporters. The club itself has an excess of 3000 members and the extensive football ground holds up to 4,400 people – Now that’s a lot of coffee! As well as match day dining, the club holds a number of hospitality events throughout the [...]

Strictly Come Drinking….. (Coffee) – Another Great Install

Okay, so not exactly strictly come dancing! But after a visit to the brand new Golden Dance Studios in Atherton, you would struggle to tell the difference. We recently installed the amazing Armonia Soft Touch  into Golden Dance who have recently opened a state of the art facility, which offers lessons to people of all ages and covers all styles. They chose this machine because of the amazing quality of the coffee and the offer of Custom Graphics on the [...]

Absolute Butter Coffee (Is this turning into an health blog)

If this is turning into a health blog, i’m probably not particularly qualified.  For the uneducated or uncaring among us, let me tell you what butter coffee is. Although, i’m guessing most of you are able to figure it out for yourselves. Basically in a nutshell: brewed coffee + 1-2 tablespoons unsalted butter chucked into a blender till frothy. Being the office guinea pig I thought i’d give this a go, so this week for me (last week) has been butter [...]