The full range

  • Darenth Roma Duo

    Market leading, simultaneous twin dispense system allows two drinks to be served at the same time

    Lease from £25.00 per week
  • Cino XS Grande

    The Cino XS Grande Pro Bean to Cup Coffee Machine can be configured to supply either 1 variety of coffee bean or 2 varieties of coffee (bean and instant). It has 10 different cafe specialities, from a small creamy espresso to a large café au lait to go.

    Lease from £20.00 per week
  • Primo Wholebean

    The Primo Whole Bean uses the latest brewing technology to deliver 12 tasty choices easily selected from the user friendly menu. The interchangeable LED mood lighting gives the machine real user appeal.

    Lease from £18.00 per week
  • -9%

    Vitale S Coffee Machine

    The Vitale S Coffee Machine is a small table top, state of the art, semi-automatic. This Coffee Machine can prepare up to seven high quality coffees and chocolate specialities. This Machine can satisfy the tastes of the most demanding palates with outstanding consistency and quality.

    Lease from £22.00 £20.00 per week
  • -8%


    The esprecious has one canister for coffee beans and two canisters for instant ingredients. The two canisters for instant ingredients can be filled with topping and cacao for coffee specialties such as cappuccino, latte, moccachino and hot chocolate.

    Lease from £25.00 £23.00 per week